How do I upload photos or other documents for a patient?

Photos and other documents may be attached to treatment stages for a patient. This can be done during stage creation or while editing the stage.  Note that these features are not available to our Free Users.

Stage Creation – During stage creation click the Add Documents icon at the right side of the stage row. This will open the Upload Documents window. Click on Upload a file to browse your computer or network, select the desired document to begin uploading.

Stage Editing – When viewing a treatment you may add or remove documents by opening the document section of the stage and selecting the gear button on the right. This opens the Manage Documents window from here you may upload new documents or remove and/edit the existing ones.

Note: Firefox and Chrome browser users may also drag and drop files from their computers directly to the Brightsquid Dental Link. Internet Explorer does not support drag and drop uploading.


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