How to use the 3D Viewer

Brightsquid Dental Link supports the display and manipulation of 3D models within the web-interface. 

If you are viewing a 3D Model within a treatment:

  • 3D Models will appear as green thumbnail-icons in the documents section of a stage.

If you are viewing a 3D Model within a Secure-Mail message:

  • 3D Model attachments will appear as green thumbnail-icons along with any other attachments to the message.  Within Secure-Mail™ you may view ordownload the individual models.
  • Clicking on 3D image thumbnail,or the eye icon, will open the 3D Model within the viewer window.  Note that if multiple 3D models are within the same stage or message the Brightsquid 3D viewer will combine them into a consolidated view.
  • To rotate the 3D model in the viewer, use the right mouse button to click and drag on the model to change the point of view.
  • To zoom in for a closer look, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • The slider(s) in the top right corner of the 3D viewer adjusts the transparency of a model. Transparency can be adjusted all the way down to 100% to make the model invisible.
  • Clicking on the square icon above the transparency sliders will revert the model to their starting zoom level and orientation.

Note: To view a 3D model within Brightsquid you will have to have the latest version of Unity Player installed. Below is a link to download the latest version of Unity Player.



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