How to Create a Treatment

Note: These features of Brightsquid Dental Link are not available to our free users.

1. Navigate to Patients & Treatments and select an existing patient or create a New Patient.  From within the patient profile click on Add Treatments & Stages.

2. Enter the name of the treatment. This treatment name should reflect the overall goal of the treatment and not a specific appointment or event. Select a plan template or create your own by selecting the “Custom” option.


3. To create your first stage in a treatment, select from the drop down menu. Create a custom stage by clicking in the blank space from the drop down menu and typing your desired stage name. Individual rows and stages can be removed by clicking the black negative icon.


4. Select a date to schedule the stage of the treatment. This date can be changed later. To refer a treatment stage to a colleague type the first few letters of their name and select your colleague from the presented list. Leaving this space blank will assign the stage to the treatment author. Your colleague will be notified of the request once the treatment is saved.

5. Upload additional files or add notes to individual stages of the treatment by clicking on the blue icons next to each stage.

6. Click Save Treatment Plan to save the treatment. The treatment has now been saved. If you have referred one or more stages to a colleague a notification is automatically sent. Once submitted you are able to review and update the information within the Treatment Navigator.


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