How to Create a Digital Rx from the Dashboard



Note: These features of Brightsquid Dental Link are not available to our free users.


  1. Click on the Labs button on the top left of the Treatment Dashboard, under My Active Cases on the home page.

  1. Click on the New Rx Form button to open a New Rx Form.

  1. Enter the first few letters of the patient’s first or last name then select the associated treatment. If an associated patient and treatment is not available; you will need to create them first.  For more information on treatment plans, click here:  Create a Treatment Plan.

  1. Click New Lab Rx.

To create the prescription complete the following sections of the Prescription Form:

  1. Select a tooth from the diagram on the left side of the form, you may select multiple teeth if required.
  2. Choose the lab to receive the Rx.
  3. Select the required date.
  4. Optionally, upload any supporting filesto the form.

Click on Save and Submit at the bottom of the form and the lab will be notified of your request.


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