How to Annotate an Image or X-ray in Secure-Mail™

  1. Navigate to an image attached to a Secure-Mail™ message and click on the eye icon or on the thumbnail image to view it in the Image Studio. You can annotate .jpeg, .gif and .png files that you have uploaded or have been given access to through Brightsquid.

  2. Select the Draw Annotation icon. The Draw Annotation icon is located on the left panel section of your image.

  3. Click on the location you want the annotation to be, and drag the arrow to highlight a specific part of the image, release the mouse button when you are satisfied with the pointer’s location

  4. Type the annotation. Click the Checkmark to save the annotation to the image.

    Once the annotation is saved, the pointer and annotation can be repositioned. Your annotations are visible to anyone you have shared the image with.

    An email notification will be sent to your colleague informing them you've made an annotation on the image.


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