How do I add a colleague to my network?

Your network of colleagues may be managed from the Colleagues in Secure-Mail section of Secure-Mail. This allows you to add colleagues who, have registered accounts, but not in the shared Colleagues in Secure-Mail list for the subscription.

Note: Only a Subscription/Account administrator can add colleagues to the shared colleague list.


1. Click the 'Add a Colleague' button located to the top of your Secure-Mail Colleague list.

2. The next screen presents the entire network of Secure-Mail users. These sections allow you to search for current users of Secure-Mail. You can search by 'First Name', 'Last Name' or 'email address'. Once located, you may send them a request to join your professional network by clicking on the 'Actions' button and selecting 'Request to Add as Colleague'.

After they approve your request they will become a Secure-Mail Colleague and you may share case and treatment information with them as well as exchange Secure-Mail™ messages.



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